It is the oldest event organized at Gernik 100, dedicated to art and beauty.

The Gernik Art Camp is already in its 14th edition, thus forming a true community of nationally and internationally renowned visual artists, who come to find inspiration and inspire the creative energy of these lands. Their works are later unveiled in one of the art galleries in Timisoara. 

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Evenimente - Gernik Art Camp
Evenimente la Gernik - Tabăra de Artă
Gernik Art Camp

Children’s camps

Pensiunea Gernik - Tabăra de copii

At Gernik 100 Guest House, children have priority. We organize vacation and creative camps where the small ones will feel free to use their imagination. We think that through play and fun children develop their creativity, that is why we provide on outdoor play area that is carefully supervised.

Hiking is a must, so kids can discover the nearby landscapes and enjoy the adventure like Indiana Jones in search of hidden treasures.

Tabără de pictură Gernik


It is an event that brings together Romanians and Czechs who love adrenaline and nature.

The project wants to cover a wide range of spectacular places, where enthusiasts of ATV, endure or motorcycle routes have unique experiences

Gernik - Enisala Moto Adventure
Evenimente la Gernik - Enisala Moto Adventure


Gernik Rock Festival has already reached its VIIIth edition. It’s one of the coolest music projects in Banat County. For Romanians who love rock and Czechs who come here from abroad, it’s a truly beautiful experience. The festival is set in a lively nature scenario where people come together for rhythms, dance, and good music.

Zdod and Zdub, Toulouse Lautrec, Melmac Riders, or Serbian DJs are one of the main characters to the Rockers Challenge Festival, already at its VIIth edition. And last, but not least Czech Rock Festival is in its second edition and promises to be as famous as its more experienced twins.

ROCK LA GERNIK - Evenimente Pensiunea Gernik