There is no point in being bored when you come to the area! You have a variety of tourist attractions ready to meet you.

If you love hiking and you’re a free spirit, you can make trips to Ostrovul Mare or the water mills in the village or on the Gramenska river.

Those who are not afraid of adrenaline will find the landscape suitable for enduro, motocross, or ATV rides. And so much more! We invite you to go cycling or even horseback riding, and in winter you can do snowboard activities anytime.

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In the evening, after a long and eventful day, you can enjoy the company of your loved ones playing badminton or football or sitting around the campfire and sharing stories. We have a place specially designed for children, perfect for games and fun.

And if you want to be truly amazed, a boat ride on the Danube at Cazane is an experience that no one can deny. You will fall in love with the wild landscape that the water has built in the rock, that’s for sure!

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