Cazare Pensiunea Gernik Caraș-Severin

Stories are magic! They open up hearts and enrich the soul. And we want to believe that the place where Gernik 100 Guest House is located opens up the hearts of every traveler who stops here. Our guest house was build in 2007, surrounded by Moșului and Gârnicului Hills in the Cameniței Valley. This is a place where the past speaks to the present in the old Czech language from Banat County, Romania!

You have at your disposal 47 accommodation places and chambers equipped with quality furniture. You will feel like in a painting by the famous Romanian painter, Nicolae Grigorescu, where mother nature has remained the QUEEN, to this day. And above all, YOU – the guest, shell feel like the hero in an idyllic scenario with a splash of fairytale delight.

The guest house is located close to the main attractions of the area, but you can still enjoy the feeling of relaxation of this place. It will be perfect to sit around the campfire with the ones you love, sharing stories and having a good laugh. And if you need to move around, the football field of the house is the MATCH for you! And let’s not forget that everyone can practice badminton, ping pong and we also have a big playground for children. These are some of the facilities that are waiting for you at Gernik 100.

We love art so much, that we hold annually The Rocker’s Festival, an event where artists from all over the country join us here to create art together. And we don’t stop here! Just wait for it!


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At Gernik 100, I have met wonderful people. People I have seen for the first time, yet I felt I already knew them. In this village between mountains, life is blessed because of the beautiful surroundings and people. Many thanks to the team that took care of us (Aunt Anca, Mariana, and Pavel). Aunt Anca is a natural storyteller, someone you should meet. Thanks to Gabi, too (the owner of this place), someone we wanted so much to know, but we heard extraordinary things about him. If life takes you through the village Garnic (Caras-Severin), don’t miss Gernik 100 guest house. We surely come back soon!!!

Gabriela Lipciuc

Beautiful place and extraordinary hosts!

Tiberiu Dragomir

Here is that place!

As for the area, it is a corner of paradise, quiet, full of energy, which takes you on the same path through the shade of the forest but also through the sun of the meadows. The springs give nature rivers that set in motion water mills and uncontrollably make those sounds of amazement when you discover the fascinating waterfalls.

The pension … yes, it is the maximum you want so as not to spoil the charm of the place you just arrived, from all points of view.

PS: Thank you for waiting for us until 23.00 with hot food and for keeping us in good company. You are some of the most wonderful hosts we have ever met.

Ecaterina Vesa

At Gârnic we spent a wonderful weekend getaway in a friendly atmosphere and a welcoming staff. The owner is a very emphatic, easy-going person with a lot of energy and good vibes. Congratulations!

Gavrila Purtan Claudia

Story places! Wonderful host!

Daneasa Coni


Gernik - tabere pentgru copii

Children camps

At Gernik 100 guest house, our main priority is the kids! We organize vacation camps and creative camps where the little ones can unleash their imagination.

Gernik - concerte Rock

Rock’n’roll Gernik

Gernik Rock Festival, Rocker’s Challenge, and The Czech Rock Festival are events well known in our village and all over Banat County. 

Tabăra de Pictură Gernik

Gernik Art Camp is the longest-running event organized at Gernik 100 Guest House. It is dedicated to well-known artists from Romania and all over the world.


It’s an event that brings together Romanian and Czech people that are passionate about ATV, endure, or moto routes.